Ten Taboos in Traditional Chinese Marriage Customs

The ancient Chinese thought that dusk was a good time, so they would marry their wives at dusk, so the etiquette of couples combined was called "drowsy ceremony" and later evolved into a wedding. Chinese love red, think red is a symbol of good luck. So the traditional wedding customs always in large red to support the festive, warm atmosphere.

Top 1: Taboos on marriage time

Try to avoid these three months when you get married: June, March, and July. Traditional customs believe that a bride who gets married in the sixth month of the lunar calendar is also called a "half-moon wife", because June is half of the whole year, and a June bride is equal to half a bride, which is equivalent to having the best and the best, and the couple is likely to divorce after marriage.

Top 2: Taboos in the marriage ceremony

After setting up a new bed to the eve of the wedding, the groom-to-be should find an underage boy to sleep with in the new bed, otherwise the taboo of sleeping in an empty bed is violated. The so-called "sleepy empty shop, immortality, or death" is considered a bad omen. The groom goes to the bride's home to marry the bride.

Top 3: Pay attention to the location of marriage

When installing a new bed, place the bed upright, not against the sharp corners of the desk, wardrobe or any object. The new bed also needs to put some auspicious things on the bed, such as lilies, red dates, and lotus seeds, which means a good relationship for a hundred years and an early birth of a precious child. When the bride enters the man’s house, if there is a threshold, he must cross it and be careful not to step on the groom’s shoes.

Top 4: Taboos of things in weddings

All the dresses, wedding dresses, shoes, etc. worn by the bride on the wedding day should be brand new, and the dress should avoid pockets, because many pockets can take away the wealth of the natal family, so it is best to choose no pockets. The bride holding flowers should not choose raw flowers, which are easy to wither, and marriage is taboo. If you want to choose, it is best to choose Lian Zhaohua and pomegranate. Lian Zhaohua means that the girl is married.

Top 5: Avoid eating wedding cakes

Wedding cakes are a symbol of joy, and the custom of distributing wedding cakes is intended to share the joy of the newlyweds, and to convey the wedding news to every relative and friends through the wedding cakes. When giving a big gift, remember not to eat the wedding cake the bride sent by the man, because this symbolizes eating your own happiness, and you should pay attention to taboos.

Top 6: avoid second fragrance

Many traditional families will offer incense to their ancestors or gods when they marry their daughters. In addition to offering ritual cakes, the woman should also pay attention to not sticking the incense head crookedly. Pull it out and plug it in again, because the second incense means remarrying, which is unlucky for the first married couple.

Top 7: Avoid the groom-to-be to sleep alone in the marriage bed

New quilts, new pillows, new bedding... the impeccably dressed wedding bed should be placed on the eve of wedding eve. In this process, the bridegroom should never sleep alone in the new bed, because this has the meaning of loneliness after marriage, which is very unlucky. If the groom really has no other place to rest, he can find a Chinese zodiac and underage boy to accompany him to sleep, such as the dragon of the zodiac.

Top 8: Avoid saying "goodbye"

When relatives and friends leave at the end of the wedding, neither the couple nor their relatives can say "goodbye", because the word "goodbye" has the meaning of parting and parting, which is very bad for newlyweds. Therefore, when the newcomer is seeing off the guests, he should nod his head or wave goodbye.

Top 9: Avoid Visiting

The taboo that brides do not need to visit relatives and friends during their honeymoon has been handed down since ancient times. Because most people have a taboo about brides on honeymoon, they think it is not very lucky for others. This ominousness will last until one month before it can be eliminated, so brides should not visit during their honeymoon. Especially in the homes of relatives and friends with elderly people, you should take extra care not to visit them during the honeymoon period.

Top 10: Avoid pregnant women to send relatives

On the day of marriage, when the bride goes out, pregnant women cannot be seen off. In ancient times, people believed that pregnant women were a symbol of blood and light, and sending off a pregnant woman would bring blood and light to the newlyweds. Therefore, pregnant women should avoid them when the bride goes out of the cabinet. In addition, when the bride goes out, fireworks are often set off. There are many people, the scene is crowded and noisy, and the air is relatively muddy.

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