China's Top Ten Foods

There are hot pot, Beijing roast duck, Lanzhou ramen, Sichuan skewers, Chongqing hot and sour noodles, Wuhan hot and dry noodles, Xi'an steamed bun, Changsha crayfish, Guangdong rice noodles, Xiaolongbao, Guangxi Guilin rice noodles, Liuzhou snail noodles, Tianjin pancakes and fruits , Shandong Pancake, Dongbei Baorou, Fujian Buddha Jumping over the Wall.

Top 1: Hot Pot

Hot pot is a unique Chinese cuisine and one of China’s top ten cuisines. It has a long history. Take what you need, add different soups and foods according to personal preferences, suitable for all ages. Among the hot pots, Chongqing hot pot is the most famous hot pot. Chongqing hot pot originated in the rivers and lakes during the Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty. After hundreds of years, it has formed a unique hot pot culture, with spicy, unique aroma, gorgeous color, delicious taste, many varieties of dishes, and unique base materials.

Top 2: Peking duck

Beijing Roast Duck is one of the top ten Chinese cuisines with a world reputation and a famous Beijing dish. It is both a famous dish and a snack. It is known as "the world's delicacy" for its red color, tender meat, mellow taste, and fat but not greasy. ". The roast duck is made of high-quality meat duck Peking duck, roasted on charcoal fire, with a rosy color, fat but not greasy meat, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Top 3: Lanzhou Ramen

Lanzhou Ramen, also known as Lanzhou Beef Noodles or Lanzhou Beef Noodles, is one of China's top ten noodles and one of China's top ten cuisines. It is a local snack in Lanzhou, Gansu Province. It is clear with soup mirror, fragrant meat with rotten meat, fine noodles with fine and chewy noodles unique flavor and one clear (soup clear), two white (white radish), three red (red pepper oil), four green ( Coriander, garlic sprouts green), and five yellows (noodles yellow light).

Top 4: Chengdu cold skewers

Chengdu cold pot skewers are traditional local snacks in Sichuan, belonging to Sichuan cuisine. It first appeared in the mid-1980s. But it is slightly different. It is made of various vegetables and meats cut into irregular shapes, and then these dishes are put into a string with a prepared bamboo stick, and finally it is put into a specially formulated pot for processing and cooking before eating.

Top 5: Chongqing Hot and Sour Noodles

Chongqing hot and sour noodles are made with sweet potatoes and pea starch as raw materials. The main powder is hand-made, with unique taste and hot and sour appetizing. Chongqing hot and sour noodle vermicelli is strong and springy, with a layer of red pepper and red oil, a lot of coriander, crispy soybeans and peanuts, and a sour and spicy soup base. The taste is spicy and sour, strong and appetizing, numb and spicy , Fresh, fragrant, sour and oily but not greasy.

Top 6: Wuhan Hot Dry Noodles

Wuhan, Hubei, the hot-dried noodles are yellow and oily in color and delicious. There are many ways to heat dry noodles, but they basically use oil, salt, sesame paste, salad oil, sesame oil, chives, garlic seeds, brine juice, and light soy sauce as auxiliary materials. Because of the high calories, they can also be used as staple foods.

Top 7: Xi'an Meat Sandwich

Roujiamo is chopped to pieces, wrapped in the bun with the soup, and bitten down. The crispy meat is fragrant and rotten, the fat is not greasy, and the lean meat is not woody. It is favored by the majority of foodies. Among them, Rou Jia Mo is found throughout the streets and alleys of Xi'an. Xi'an Bai Ji Mo's bacon meat is bright and ruddy in color, soft and mellow, not greasy, lean but not firewood, melts in the mouth, and the skin is crispy and soft inside. The delicious Bai Ji Mo, the mellow and delicious bacon meat and the tempting taste of Bai Ji Mo.

Top 8: Changsha flavored shrimp

Flavored shrimp, also known as spicy crayfish, Changsha flavored shrimp, spicy crayfish, etc., is a famous traditional snack in Hunan Province. It is made from crayfish. At the end of the 20th century, it spread throughout the country and became one of China's top ten delicacies. It has also become a classic snack at street beer stalls on summer nights. Although the edible part of Changsha crayfish is very small, except for the two large tongs and a little bit of meat at the tail, there is nothing else to eat, but the meat that is peeled out by any means is stuffed into the mouth, and then Suck the sauce made with the secret recipe that penetrates deeply into the shrimp, this is the greatest pleasure of crayfish!

Top 9: Cantonese rice rolls

Rice rolls are one of the famous traditional snacks in Guangdong. According to the taste, the more famous ones are Guangzhou Xiguan rolls, Puning rolls, Chaoshan rolls, Hekou rolls, Hakka rolls, etc. Among them, Guangzhou rice noodles, as a famous specialty snack in Old Xiguan, is a must-chosen product for many Guangzhou citizens for breakfast, and it is also a must-have product for Guangzhou teahouses and restaurants in the morning tea and night market. It seems simple rice noodles, but very sophisticated technology, the preparation of rice milk, soy sauce, these details are very elegant. The rice rolls in Guangzhou are as white as snow, thin as paper, and shiny. The fillings mainly include pork, beef, shrimp, pork liver, etc. The general sauce is made of soy sauce and other sauces. The taste is sweeter and the side dishes are mostly Lettuce, it tastes smooth and delicious, and the taste is more elastic.

Top 10: Xiao Long Bao

Xiaolongbao, a famous Jiangnan traditional snack in Changzhou, Wuxi, Suzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Jiaxing and other areas south of the Yangtze River. Xiaolongbao originated from the soup dumplings in Kaifeng, the capital of the Northern Song Dynasty. It was inherited, developed and evolved in the south of the Yangtze River during the Southern Song Dynasty. Nowadays, various places have formed their own characteristics, such as Changzhou tastes fresh, Wuxi tastes sweet, and Suzhou tastes delicious, but they all have Common features such as thin skin and braised feet, fresh fragrant and delicious flavor.

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