Top 10 in the world of China High Speed Rail

China's high-speed railway has built a high-speed railway network with "eight vertical and eight horizontal" as the main channel, regional connection lines of different speed grades, and intercity railways as a supplement, including Shanghai, Beijing, Zhengzhou, Wuhan and other national and regional central cities. The rapid development of high-speed railways in China is changing the way Chinese travel.

1: The densest and longest high-speed rail network in the world

China has built a "four vertical and four horizontal" high-speed railway network extending in all directions and dense like a spider web. Its total operating mileage is 25,000 kilometers, which is more than the total mileage of high-speed railways built in other countries, ranking first in the world.

2: The fastest high-speed train in the world

Beginning in mid-September 2017, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway was pulled by the "Fuxing" EMU, increasing the train's operating speed to 350 kilometers per hour, making it the fastest operating high-speed train in the world. In fact, as early as December 3, 2010, on the Zaozhuang-Bengbu test section of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, the "Harmony" 380A new-generation high-speed EMU created the world's first high-speed train running at a speed of 486.1 kilometers per hour. This shows that China's high-speed rail has great potential to further increase the speed of operation.

3: The world's highest-standard high-speed rail

The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway is the world's longest-built high-speed railway with the highest standard and technical content. Its design speed is 400 kilometers per hour and its total length is 1,318 kilometers. In terms of line construction, the maximum subgrade settlement of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway does not exceed 2 mm, and the settlement of bridge piers does not exceed 1 mm, which is much lower than the specified standards of 15 mm and 5 mm; in terms of operational safety, innovative settings There are intelligent systems such as fault self-diagnosis, automatic alarm and disposal, which ensure the smooth and smooth running of the train at high speed.

4: High-speed rail with the longest operating mileage

On December 26, 2012, the entire Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed rail line was put into operation, with an operating mileage of 2,298 kilometers, making it the longest high-speed railway in the world.

5: The world's first longest high-speed rail in alpine regions

The Harbin-Dalian high-speed railway was officially opened to traffic on December 1, 2012, with a total distance of 921 kilometers and a running speed of 350 kilometers per hour. This is the world's first alpine high-speed railway, and it is also the high-speed railway with the longest operating mileage in the alpine region. The extreme minimum temperature of the Harbin-Dalian high-speed railway line in winter is about -40°C, the maximum snow thickness is 30 cm, and the maximum freezing depth of the soil along the line is 205 cm, which brings great challenges to the construction, construction and operation of the high-speed railway. Our country has successfully solved these problems by adopting advanced and mature technology and experience for high-speed railways in alpine regions.

6: Won a number of the world's first high-speed rail EMU

The high-speed rail EMUs independently developed by China have won many world firsts in terms of speed, transportation volume, stable and comfortable car body, energy saving and environmental protection due to their excellent performance and characteristics. The operating speed of the EMU is 350 kilometers per hour, the highest operating speed in the world, and its test speed is 486.1 kilometers per hour, which is comparable to that of an airplane. In the test of the National Laboratory of High-speed Train, it created a running speed of 605 kilometers per hour, which is the highest in the world. Due to the small streamlined resistance of the EMU, coupled with the wide body and large capacity, the number of passengers transported by train per unit time ranks first in the world. The vibration and impulse of the EMU body are small, the temperature and humidity are adjustable, and the braking is smooth, so the passenger comfort ranks first in the world. The EMU adopts electric traction, zero emission, and the braking energy recovery rate is over 90%, making it a leader in energy saving and environmental protection.

7: The world's largest high-speed rail station

Beijing South Railway Station is the world's largest high-speed railway station, leading the new trend of the world's high-speed railway development in high-speed railway construction. It highlights new concepts such as green environmental protection and energy saving. It is the first high-speed railway station in the world to use solar power generation, with a total power generation of 350 kilowatts, which is mainly used to supplement the station's electricity needs.

8: The world's first commercial maglev high-speed rail

On December 31, 2002, the world's first commercial maglev high-speed rail opened in Shanghai, with a speed of 430 kilometers per hour. Subsequently, my country developed the first domestically produced maglev high-speed train with completely independent intellectual property rights, with a speed of up to 500 kilometers per hour. Compared with the wheel-rail high-speed rail, the maglev high-speed rail has the advantages that the operating speed can reach 450-500 kilometers per hour, and the start-up is fast, the climbing ability is strong, and there is no frictional resistance and noise between the wheels and the track.

9: The longest high-speed rail bridge in the world

The Dankun High-speed Railway Bridge from Danyang to Kunshan on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway line, with a total length of 164.85 kilometers, is the longest high-speed railway bridge in the world and the longest bridge in the world. put into use on the 30th. Due to geological reasons and the consideration of land saving, the bridge is all viaduct. It is more than four times as long as the Pontchartre Lake Bridge in the United States, the former longest bridge in the world.

10: The world's first self-driving smart high-speed train is being developed

China has been actively developing and testing the automatic driving system for high-speed rail EMUs, and has fully launched the "comprehensive test of high-speed rail intelligent key technologies". At present, 13 of 28 trials or test projects have been completed, mainly including the 350 km/h "Fuxing" long marshalling Projects such as the special test of the EMU, the autonomous active control pantograph test of the high-speed rail EMU, and the test of the new railway metal sound barrier have achieved important results. The Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway and the intercity high-speed railway from Beijing to Xiongan New Area, which will open to traffic at the end of 2019, will use intelligent high-speed trains, becoming the world's first intelligent high-speed railway to implement autonomous driving.

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